Textural adventures, and the manipulation and recontextualisation of sonic materials. Usually emphasising quietness, detail, continuous change and chance events.


12.10.17 Net: The Old Earth (Verz Imprint) C47
06.05.17 Net: ‘Caddis Dance’ - Whitelabsounds compilation (Whitelabrecs) CDR
04.02.17 Net: HS (Whitelabrecs) CDR
04.02.17 Net: Rosea Set DL

24.12.16 Net: ‘Zeb’ - Utterances compilation (Linear Obsessional) DL
06.11.16 Net: Meta menardi 3" CDR
16.04.16 NE Trethowan: Grammostola (Linear Obsessional Recordings) CDR
10.01.16 NE Trethowan: ‘Two Lizards’ - Discovery 1 compilation (Soft Recordings) DL

24.12.15 NE Trethowan: ‘13-11 Awaiting Any Change - Tampere, Finland’ - Open The Window compilation (Linear Obsessional Recordings) DL
09.12.15 Shi Toys: Box Sisters (TVEI) CDR
17.10.15 NE Trethowan: Bristle (Kaukana Väjiyy Ambient) C30

24.12.14 Edward Trethowan: ‘Word For World’ - Two Minutes Left compilation (Linear Obsessional Recordings) DL

18.07.13 Etrethn: EP V2 (TVEI) DL
16.07.13 Lääkäri Kyy: ‘Metson metsä’ - The Other Side of Sarfsalö compilation (267 Lattajjaa) DL
08.07.13 Anva: Leaving+ DL
24.04.13 NE Trethowan: ‘Exeter’ DL

11.11.12 NE Trethowan: Town Curve (TVEI) DL
11.11.12 NE Trethowan: RS (Slow Records) DL
23.10.12 404 Weather
05.09.12 NE Trethowan: Finland From Above (TVEI) DL
09.02.12 NE Trethowan: ‘MW’ - (noteBLOK #1: Editions Limitée) DL

10.12.11 An Insection: Festive (TVEI) CDR
12.05.11 Conquering Animal Sound: ‘Tracer (An Insection remix)’
27.01.11 An Insection: A Tension Prism (TVEI) CDR

03.01.10 Anva: Leaving (TVEI) DL

13.12.09 An Insection: The Christmas EP (TVEI) DL
22.11.09 Anva: Nevry (TVEI) DL
09.11.09 Etrethn: EP (TVEI) DL
09.11.09 Shi Toys: Dinner Six (TVEI) DL
24.09.09 Anva: ‘Linger’ DL
06.09.09 An Insection: Separate Casts EP DL
01.03.09 An Insection: An Insection EP DL

10.09.08 Anva: Archet/Trains boxes Cassette


01.09.17 Maagillinen Teatteri @ Hiedanranta (Tampere, Finland)
20.05.17 LinOb Festival @ Vinyl Deptford (London, UK)
10.03.17 Kaukana Väijyy Ambient @ Ravintola 931 with Rasmus Hedlund and Mesak with JV Juippi, DJ Sane, DJ Disco Mutant & DJ Sipitron (Tampere, Finland)
29.08.15 Kaukana Väijyy Ambient @ Ravintola 931 with Vesa-Matti Kivioja and DJs Disco Mutant & Sipitron (Tampere, Finland)

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