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Microlabel series 2014—      

Phil Maguire - Monosphere
Project Mycelium - Mundane Behaviour
Dino Spiluttini - Christmas Drone for the Sad and Lonesome
Matt Christensen - Prowl
Various - VA1+2
Glacis - love, if you love me, lie beside me now
Shi Toys - Box Sisters
Docetism - Breaking the Circle of Life
Weith - Weith EP

Netlabel series 2009—2014      

Como - Jestem duński chłopiec zwany ssov
Net - Town Curve
Net - Finland From Above
An Insection - Festive
Convex Mancave - Atomic Blonde in E
An Insection - A Tension Prism
Model Warships - Oven
Mental D-Struction - Extrapolation²
Second Thought - Small Black Box
Model Warships - Bayonet
Madam Bovary - Before the End Something is Coming to an End
Como - Przemysł Sztuczki
Madam Bovary - Discours Amoureux
Anva - Leaving
An Insection - The Christmas EP
Perfect Writing - Perfect Land
Anva - Nevry
Etrethn - EP
Shi Toys - Dinner Six

Last update: 28.02.2018



Artist: Anva
Title: Leaving
Cat#: TVEI06
Release date: 03.01.2010
Format: Digital
Duration: 42m37s
Keywords: lo-fi, ambient, collage, field recordings

01. Why's your love inert, when
02. tread. Time & Catheter
03. Dryer
04. Branches tower
05. Canal
06. Feigned boxes
07. Every time
08. Even leaving that
09. They aren't dangerous
10. nest. Visitor

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Finished in July 2009, this album was mainly based on the granular treatment of field recordings made in Exeter, UK, in addition to samples from various instruments and activities. Recorded on mono reels.


Audio & cover art by Net

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