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Microlabel series 2014—      

Phil Maguire - Monosphere
Project Mycelium - Mundane Behaviour
Dino Spiluttini - Christmas Drone for the Sad and Lonesome
Matt Christensen - Prowl
Various - VA1+2
Glacis - love, if you love me, lie beside me now
Shi Toys - Box Sisters
Docetism - Breaking the Circle of Life
Weith - Weith EP

Netlabel series 2009—2014      

Como - Jestem duński chłopiec zwany ssov
Net - Town Curve
Net - Finland From Above
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Convex Mancave - Atomic Blonde in E
An Insection - A Tension Prism
Model Warships - Oven
Mental D-Struction - Extrapolation²
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Model Warships - Bayonet
Madam Bovary - Before the End Something is Coming to an End
Como - Przemysł Sztuczki
Madam Bovary - Discours Amoureux
Anva - Leaving
An Insection - The Christmas EP
Perfect Writing - Perfect Land
Anva - Nevry
Etrethn - EP
Shi Toys - Dinner Six

Last update: 28.02.2018



Artist: Docetism
Title: Breaking the Circle of Life
Cat#: TVEI21
Release date: 25.11.2014
Format: CD, digital
Duration: 32m14s
Keywords: ambient, techno, dub, drone

01. Three Poisons
02. Parsifal
03. Forest Monks
04. The Wheel of Ixion Stands Still
05. Samadhi

 Available formats     

Hand-printed screen cover & windowed, recycled card outer sleeve. 100 numbered copies, two disc label colour options €6 + p&p

Multi-format Bandcamp download. Optional donation

»» Listen/buy via Bandcamp ««


Breaking the Circle of Life is the latest offering of highly refined, conceptually rich, ambient dub by Poland-based Docetism. Cross-referencing a central Schopenhauerian concept with monastic practices and Buddhist influences, Breaking the Circle of Life explores the idea of a peaceful escape from life and the service of impulse and desire, aiming to express the possible contents of such an escape. The result is a set of gentle, moving ambient productions combining forest field recordings and murky choral samples with dubby bass and thick, droning strings. After climaxing on the uplifting thematic centrepiece 'The Wheel of Ixion Stands Still', the EP concludes with the engrossing, droning meditations of 'Samadhi'. A very carefully arranged, thematically consistent release of contemplative ambient music.

When, however, an external cause or inward disposition suddenly raises us out of the endless stream of willing, and snatches knowledge from the thralldom of the will, the attention is now no longer directed to the motives of willing, but comprehends things free from their relation to the will. Thus it considers things without interest, without subjectivity, purely objectively; it is entirely given up to them in so far as they are mere representations, and not motives. Then all at once the peace, always sought but always escaping us on that first path of willing, comes to us of its own accord, and all is well with us. It is the painless state, prized by Epicurus as the highest good and as the state of the gods; for that moment we are delivered from the miserable pressure of the will. We celebrate the Sabath of the penal servitude of willing; the wheel of Ixion stands still. ~ Schopenhauer

Previously released digitally in August 2014 (Nichts), Breaking the Circle of Life is now available in limited CD format. On the disc are depicted the Three Poisons in either gold or silver, housed within a black 200gsm glossy sleeve. A hand-printed thermofax screen cover image depicts Buddha in white ink. A windowed outer sleeve made from 100% recycled card contains the lot. Numbered edition of 100 (70 silver, 30 gold).


"Music by MB. Enjoy and celebrate the Sabath of the penal servitude of willing."
Sleeve design by Docetism and Tavern Eightieth

Press a techno club experienced through a coma; blurred throbs of synthetic symphony pushing through the plasma of unconsciousness... (ATTN Magazine)

... something to put on when you need to slow everything down. (Chain DLK - 4/5)

His use of choral bits and phrases recalls the gloomy melancholy of 90s dark ambient... but its techno pulse ties it to the present and gives it a necessary edge of urgency. (Ear Influxion)

What Docetism brings to the genre is... a sincere and almost intellectual spiritual dedication and a sense [of] ritual. (Heathen Harvest)

Artist info     

Named after an heretical Christian doctrine, Docetism is a Polish solo music project specialising in ambient dub, drone and techno elements. These elements are carefully articulated in order to connote the particular theological, philosophical or literary inspirations of each release.

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