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Last update: 28.02.2018



Artist: Glacis
Title: love, if you love me, lie beside me now
Cat#: TVEI23
Release date: 28.03.2016
Format: CD, digital
Duration: 22m30s
Keywords: ambient, piano, cello, instrumental, minimal, contemporary

01. no one can reach us now, or ever
02. seen through a doorway
03. love, if you love me
04. for your fear i would give you silver
05. under the arc of the sky
06. there is nothing, yet i am here

 Available formats     

• Glass-mastered CD, four-panel digisleeve. 200 numbered copies. €6 + p&p
• CD plus 10 x 10 inch photographic print. 50 prints available. €9 + p&p

Multi-format Bandcamp download. Optional donation

»» Listen/buy via Bandcamp ««

The first 38 orders included a small thermofax screen print by Net onto [extremely delicate] hand-made paper.


love, if you love me, lie beside me now is a mini-album of mostly solo piano recordings. The work hangs on the reward of performing music for its own sake; as unspecified catharsis or the release of creative energy as the only overt goal. Free of any overarching concept, the pieces are self-contained, straightforward and sincere. An intimate recording setup captures the creak of keys and other accidental sounds. Guest contributions from René Gonzalez Schelbeck (Western Skies Motel), Alan McCormack (Now Wakes The Sea) and William Ryan Fritch lend further layers of electronic texture and instrumentation, helping to develop layers of intricacy that may not be apparent on first listen. 'there is nothing, yet i am here', in which Fritch accompanies McMeeken's piano with uplifting multitracked cello, is an especially effective combination of talents.

Watch a video for the track "love, if you love me" here.


Written by Euan Alexander Millar-McMeeken with René Gonzalez Schelbeck on tracks 1, 2 and 5, Alan McCormack on track 4 and William Ryan Fritch on track 6
Piano recordings by Cameron MacNair and Ben Chatwin. Recorded at the University of Edinburgh and Vennel Studios, Edinburgh
Produced and mixed by Ben Chatwin and René Gonzalez Schelbeck
Mastered by Fraser McGowan
Cover art by Julien Lambrechts
Layout by Tobias Linnemann Ewé
Writing by Ali Millar


The opening “No One can Reach us Now, or Ever” is especially beautiful, a haunting piano ballad rich in melancholy and rendered with sensitivity and deep feeling by the pianist. (Textura)

With each note so carefully delivered, this set acts as a caress, giving sonic form to its inspiration. (A Closer Listen)

Wat een bezielende, contemplatieve pracht! (De Subjectivisten)

... there is [a] sense of quiet grandeur in his compositions... (Scots Magazine)

... situated in the twilight zone between ambient and neoclassical... Gorgeous! Don’t miss this album! (Peekaboo Magazine - 85/100)

Euan, playing very little notes and phrases from the low and high ends of the piano, manages to create profoundly emotional sounds, allowing his listeners to truly get lost in the pieces. (GIGSoup - 4/5)

Tra tante opere di minimalismo pianistico in circolazione, "Love, If You Love Me, Lie Beside Me Now" marca la differenza grazie alla sua estrema naturalezza, all'insegna di una spontaneità emozionale priva di filtri, che parla direttamente al cuore, in uno stupefacente amalgama di fragilità e forza espressiva (Music Won't Save You)

Intimi ed essenziali, privi di una qualsivoglia sovrastruttura che ne intaccherebbe la purezza emozionale... È uno scrigno prezioso "Love, if you love me, lie beside me now", dalla durata breve ma di rara intensità, che ancora una volta ci dà conferma delle straordinarie doti musicali del suo autore. (So What)

Artist info     

Glacis is Euan Alexander Millar-McMeeken (Graveyard Tapes), a pianist and composer from Edinburgh, Scotland.

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