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Last update: 28.02.2018



Artist: Dino Spiluttini
Title: Christmas Drone for the Sad and Lonesome
Cat#: TVEI26
Release date: 11.12.2016
Format: C54 cassette, digital
Duration: 51m09s
Keywords: ambient, drone, Christmas

A1. Part I
B1. Part II

01. Christmas Drone for the Sad and Lonesome

 Available formats     

Chrome cassette tape, translucent red with clear/white case and j-card. Initial copies came wrapped as a Christmas gift. 50 copies. €6 + p&p

Multi-format Bandcamp download available from us or directly from the artist. €4

»» Listen/buy via Bandcamp ««


Following an appearance on this label's VA1+2 compilation, Dino Spiluttini returns with a solo tape, Christmas Drone for the Sad and Lonesome (not to be confused with Christmas Drones for the Sad and Lonesome, self-released in 2015). At once ambitious and restrained, this single track embodies snowy, seasonal contemplation over fifty minutes.

The cultural pressures of Christmas, wherever in the world they are found, are substantial and numerous. Chiefly, we regard it positively as a festival of warmth, charity, affection and rituals of togetherness that reinforce bonds within families. Not everyone can or will connect with these themes, which pervade everyday life relentlessly throughout the midwinter period. It's to those without close families or friends, or to those otherwise isolated from others, for all kinds of reasons, that this release is dedicated.

With softened textures and extremely gradual structural changes, Spiluttini's piece suggests a landscape in an ambiguous winter night, beheld from the other side of a window or by cold-numbed senses. Or put briefly, Christmas Drone for the Sad and Lonesome is a drone, dedicated to the sad and lonesome. At Christmas.


Music, mastering, artwork, sleeve design: Dino Spiluttini
Thank you: Edward
J-cards printed in Finland


... the lost howl of this endlessly sustained, subtly-drifting wall of drone is the most captivating of his recent offerings. (Foreign Accents)

... the artist imagines the changing textures of the drifting, billowing snow, and translates them into slow and graceful tones. Unlike other Christmas music, these tapes won't wear out their welcome. If this is what it sounds like to be lost, may we be lost together. (A Closer Listen: The Year's Best Winter Music 2016)

Sospeso e ovattato, attraversato da increspature lievi e a tratti quasi impercettibili come un paesaggio intrappolato nel ghiaccio che conserva la sua vitalità  sotto l'impenetrabile e spesso strato esterno. (So What)

Questa essenza, osservata in chiave solitaria e malinconica, mira a comunicare la sequenza di modulazioni ovattate e avviluppante ambience orchestrale della quale si compone il lavoro. Jingle drone. (Music Won't Save You)

Artist info     

Dino Spiluttini is a musician, producer and visual artist based in Vienna, Austria. He is the founder of Beatismurder Records and co-founder or Total Light Records. Under his own name, his music often develops from the extensive treatment of piano recordings. The resulting structures are very nuanced and expressive.

Besides the alias Islands of Light, in which piano composition is more marked and stripped down, Spiluttini has been active as a member of Swan Fangs, Bruch, Bruch & Pü.

At time of writing, Spiluttini's music has also been released by Umor Rex, J&C Tapes, Sacred Phrases, Home Normal and Phinery.

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