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Microlabel series 2014—      

Phil Maguire - Monosphere
Project Mycelium - Mundane Behaviour
Dino Spiluttini - Christmas Drone for the Sad and Lonesome
Matt Christensen - Prowl
Various - VA1+2
Glacis - love, if you love me, lie beside me now
Shi Toys - Box Sisters
Docetism - Breaking the Circle of Life
Weith - Weith EP

Netlabel series 2009—2014      

Como - Jestem duński chłopiec zwany ssov
Net - Town Curve
Net - Finland From Above
An Insection - Festive
Convex Mancave - Atomic Blonde in E
An Insection - A Tension Prism
Model Warships - Oven
Mental D-Struction - Extrapolation²
Second Thought - Small Black Box
Model Warships - Bayonet
Madam Bovary - Before the End Something is Coming to an End
Como - Przemysł Sztuczki
Madam Bovary - Discours Amoureux
Anva - Leaving
An Insection - The Christmas EP
Perfect Writing - Perfect Land
Anva - Nevry
Etrethn - EP
Shi Toys - Dinner Six

Last update: 28.02.2018



Artist: Phil Maguire
Title: Monosphere
Cat#: TVEI28
Release date: 02.04.2018
Format: C30 cassette, digital
Duration: 29m59s
Keywords: minimal, quiet, drone, noise, max

C30, digital
A. Iteration 1
B. Iteration 2

 Available formats     

C30 ferric cassette with 260gsm o-card, transparent printed insert and obi-style card outer strip. The cassette shell and outer strip come in matching grey or orange. 10 copies of each colour available. €5 + p&p

Multi-format Bandcamp download available from us or directly from the artist. €5

»» Listen/buy via Bandcamp ««


Monosphere comprises two iterations of monophonic, autonomous computer music. Performed with a custom Max patch, the pieces explore inhuman and unpredictable dynamics, gradually rendered with extreme quietness. Drones, sine wave clusters, gentle noise.


Programmed, composed, recorded, mixed & mastered by Phil Maguire
Artwork and design by Phil Maguire
O-cards and inserts printed in Finland


to follow

Artist info     

Phil Maguire specialises in reductive music that explores emptiness and malfunction. He uses cheap electronics, open source software, synthesis and obsolete audio equipment to create sparse sonic environments for personal reflection. These are often very quiet; very loud; loud made quiet; quiet made loud.

Recent releases include Working Title with James L. Malone (Confront Records, 2018), brak (Soft Error, 2017) and Empty Damage (Falt, 2017).

He lives in London, where he frequently performs both solo and collaboratively. He also runs verz, a label for quiet music and sound art.

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